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Symptoms of Warts


Warts can be rough, smooth, large, or small. They can be isolated as a single wart, or a grouped in a localized cluster. Sometimes warts are the same color as the skin, or they are slightly lighter or darker than the surround complexion. Warts need a blood supply and capillaries are usually visible as dark dots in the wart’s center.

Common warts may present singularly or in groups on any part of the body as rough, gray-brown, dome shaped growths. When on the hands, it is not uncommon for several warts to be grouped up in a cluster.

Warts on the foot are called plantar warts. They can appear anywhere on the foot, but most of the time they are found on the bottom, callused portion of the foot or heel. With a plantar wart, the pressure from walking may cause pain. Think about the feeling you get when there is a pebble in your shoe; that type of discomfort is similar to the feeling of having a plantar wart. Plantar warts are dark in color and have a rough and tough, callused appearance that develops over the surface of the wart.

Genital warts are characterized by one or many small, flesh-tone or red bumps on the genitals. They are contracted through sexual contact. Other symptoms of genital warts include anal or vaginal itchiness and burning sensation.

Flat warts, usually found on the face, arms, or legs, are smaller than the eraser on the end of pencil. They can be clustered together, and appear to be pink, light brown, or yellowish in color.

Filiform warts are found in the mouth, nose, face, arms, or legs. They are growths that produce many flesh-colored, fingerlike projections.

Periungual warts are rough and irregular bumps that grow under or around toenails and fingernails.


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