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What Causes Tinea Versicolor?

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Tinea versicolor occurs when fungus is present. It's common for people who live in topical environments to struggle with tinea versicolor. The hot and humid weather is conducive to the growth of fungus. The chest, shoulders, and torso are the most common places for the tinea fungal infection to develop.

It is normal for the human body to have a healthy amount of fungus present. Fungus only becomes a problematic condition, like tinea versicolor, when it multiplies too quickly. Areas that collect excessive moisture, or sweat, are the perfect environments for fungus to grow. Tinea versicolor is not contagious from skin to skin contact.

It is not known why the fungus overgrows on the skin, but there are groups of people who tend to suffer from tinea versicolor more often than others. Risk factors for developing tinea versicolor include:

  • People with more oily skin.
  • Those who tend to sweat more than average.
  • Living in humid, and hot, tropical climates.

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