Cómo prevenir los hongos de las uñas

Terrasil Foot and Nail Anti-Fungal

Preventing nail fungus is key. Infections can be extremely difficult to treat, and even with proper nail treatment, infections may be recurring. Here are the top ways to avoid nail fungus.

Avoid Sharing Personal Items

Do not share personal items such as towels, shoes or sandals, socks or nail clippers. Nail fungus that is present on any object can easily penetrate a healthy nail bed once it has been exposed.

Avoid Public Showers & Pools

Public showers, pools and hot tubs are high-risk areas for nail infections because of the moist and warm conditions, where fungi thrive. Do not walk barefoot in these shared spaces, or avoid them altogether when possible. Take special care to avoid these areas when you have a cut or scratch on your feet or hands!

Protect Your Nails

Cut your nails regularly and straight across, to prevent ingrown toenails that can allow fungus in. Another way to stop nail fungus is to take care not to stub or injure your toes. Injury to the nail area is another way to put yourself at risk for nail infection.

Keep Feet Clean & Dry

An easy way to prevent toenail fungus is to wash your feet regularly, and keep them as dry as possible, even in hot and humid weather. Change your socks often to avoid trapping moisture in. Dry your feet thoroughly after a shower and anytime they are exposed to moisture.

Know Your Nail Salon

Choose a reputable nail salon that is clean and well maintained. Making sure that you are not being exposed to unsanitary utensils, nail files or foot baths is key in preventing nail fungus.

Use an Anti-Fungal

Anti-fungal sprays and powders can help to prevent nail fungus infections before they start. They can be placed directly on your feet, or in your shoes and socks.


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