Síntomas de hongos de las uñas

Terrasil Foot and Nail Anti-Fungal

There are several key symptoms to look for when identifying nail fungus. Read on for descriptions of various nail fungus signs, and don’t let your nail infection go untreated.

Discoloration of the Nails

Discoloration is a major symptom of nail infection, and is typically the first symptom to appear. White, yellow or greenish spots or patches may appear on a portion of the nail, or completely take it over.

Nail Thickening

Nail fungus changes the texture of the nail. This condition often causes nails to become thick, ragged or brittle in appearance. Your nails may also begin to soften and crumble as the nail fungal infection progresses.

Toe and Fingernail Distortion

With this nail infection symptom, nails may become distorted or misshapen. This happens particularly when nail infections are left untreated for a period of time.

Dullness of Nail Appearance

Nail fungus often causes the nails to appear dull, with little to no shine or luster.

Skin and Nail Separation

As nail fungus advances, infection may cause the nail to loosen, raise up and separate away from the nail bed. If you’ve experienced one or more of these symptoms of nail fungus, start taking action toward fighting your nail infection, and get more information on how nail fungus treatment can help.


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