¿Qué causan los hongos de las uñas?

Terrasil Foot and Nail Anti-Fungal

Fungal nail infections are primarily caused by the type of fungus known as dermatophytes.

Yeasts and molds are also nail fungus causes, though they are far less common. Dermatophytes (and all fungi) can be passed from person to person, or through an object that has come in contact with the fungus.

Fungi thrive in environments that are moist or damp, and warm. For this reason, toenail fungal infections are more common than fingernail fungal infections.

Sharing personal items such as towels, socks, shoes or nail clippers with someone who has a fungal nail infection is a cause of nail fungus. Shared showers, hot tubs and swimming pools are also areas where fungi flourish, and where infection of any sort is likely to spread. Nail salons may also spread nail infections if they are not properly sanitizing foot baths and utensils.

Fungi are microscopic and can penetrate the nail area through tiny cuts which may not even be visible. Ingrown toenails and nail beds that are injured for any reason are more prone to fungal infection.

Men and those with weakened immune systems are more likely to contract a fungal nail infection, and age is also linked to an increased risk of infection.


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