Cómo prevenir las heridas por diabetes

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Inspect Your Skin

This is a simple measure, but is extremely important to prevent diabetic wounds. Because neuropathy is so common among diabetic patients, resulting in a loss of feeling, it is crucial that diabetics examine their skin for wounds of any kind regularly. Special attention should be paid to lower extremities for the prevention of diabetes complications.

Any diabetic wound or abnormality, no matter how small, should be brought to your doctor’s attention before it worsens.

Manage Your Diabetes

Monitor your blood sugar and follow instructions and recommendations from your doctor in order to prevent diabetic wounds. Keeping your diabetes under control with medication, a healthy diet and exercise is key in boosting your immune system and blood flow to prevent painful wounds.


Diabetics are prone to dry, flaky skin which may cut or tear more easily. To prevent even superficial wounds, skin should be gently cleansed and dried thoroughly. Skin should also be moisturized on a regular basis to prevent wounds.

Visit the Doctor

Regular doctor visits and medical care is an important part of diabetic wound prevention. Medical professionals will help to educate the patient about wound prevention and other important information. They will examine and promptly treat anything on the skin that is of concern. They’ll also ensure a patient is taking the appropriate measures to prevent diabetic wounds.

Wear Practical Footwear

Well-fitting, comfortable shoes and socks are recommended for diabetic patients whose feet are prone to persistent wounds. Closed-toed shoes are effective in preventing injury to the feet and toes.

Avoid high heels, tight-fitting socks and any footwear that causes distress or discomfort. Even a small blister can become a more serious diabetic wound.

Avoid Walking Barefoot

Wear shoes whenever possible, even around the house. Walking barefoot puts you at risk for stepping on something, therefore creating a wound that can quickly turn into a serious diabetic wound.


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Recomendaciones médicas

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