¿Qué causan las heridas por diabetes?

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The reason wounds of all kinds require such urgent and diligent care in diabetic patients stems from their body’s inability to process glucose properly. This compromises the immune system by interfering with cell growth and energy production, which are vital to the healing process diabetic wounds.

What is considered a minor cut on the foot of someone without diabetes may quickly progress into a painful ulcer on a diabetic patient. Additionally, diabetics tend to have dry, itchy skin that is more prone to cuts and scrapes.

Here are some specific causes of diabetic wounds related to diabetes, which inhibit the wound healing process and diabetic wound treatment:

Restricted Blood Flow

Diabetes constricts the blood vessels in the arms and legs, inhibiting proper circulation. Healthy blood flow is a necessary part of the wound healing process, which puts diabetics with diabetic wounds at a disadvantage.

Weakened Immune System

High blood sugar can weaken the immune system, making them more susceptible to infections. Diabetes also causes infections to impact them more profoundly than a non-diabetic. Diabetic wounds can often get out of control because of this.


Another factor in the cause of diabetic wounds is neuropathy. Neuropathy (or nerve damage) is common in diabetic patients, and leads to a loss of feeling in the extremities. Because of this, a cut or wound may exist without the person knowing. Without immediate attention, the risk of infection and complications increases greatly.


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