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What is a Diabetic Wound?

A diabetic wound is any damage to the skin of a diabetic patient, where elevated glucose levels present the risk for healing delays and wound infection. Diabetics are unable to process glucose, or sugar, properly. This leads to significant complications including reduced blood flow, which prevents injuries from healing quickly and increases the risk of infection with diabetes.

Another common condition among diabetics is neuropathy, or nerve damage, which causes a loss of feeling in the hands and feet. This can prevent a patient from noticing a diabetic wound right away, which allows it to progress and become infected. Diabetic wounds are most common in patients with neuropathy, making it crucial that they examine their hands and feet regularly for any sign of injury.

Diabetic wounds often include diabetic ulcers or arterial ulcers which appear on the legs and feet, and may be chronic.

Though rare, diabetic blisters may appear and present a problem if they burst. Diabetic blisters can develop into ulcers and become infected; steps must therefore be taken to ensure that diabetic blisters are taken care of quickly.

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