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What Causes Burns?

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There are many causes for burns. Among the most common causes for burns are the overexposure to a heat element or fire. These types of burns are referred to as thermal burns or heat burns. Daily activities, like cooking, or styling the hair with a curling iron, increases the risk for heat burns.

Conversely, extremely cold temperatures may also burn the skin. This is more commonly referred to as frostbite. Cold temperature burns are caused by skin exposure to cold, wet, and windy conditions. Similarly to burns caused by heat, cold temperature burns, also cause tissue damage.

Hazards on the job also leave the skin susceptible to burns. For example, someone that works with electrical sources or lighting installation may burn the skin by coming into contact with electricity. This type of burn is fittingly called an electrical burn.

Working closely with household or industrial chemicals, puts the skin at risk for chemical burn. Chemicals in every form; liquid, solid, or gas have the potential to burn the skin. Natural foods can also induce chemical burn. For example, chili peppers contain a natural substance that can burn the skin.

Contact with sun, tanning booths, X-ray machines, or radiation therapy can burn the skin.

Skin contact with rough, hard surfaces can damage and burn the skin. This is called a friction burn or “road rash”. Friction between the skin and pavement, a carpet, or a gymnasium floor are typically how a friction burn is acquired. In most cases, scrapes on the skin accompany a friction burn.


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