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tratamiento para la foliculitis profunda


Most of the, a boil can be soothed and treated at home. For boils that cause extreme pain or fever, seek help from a medical professional. Follow these steps for home treatment at the first sign of a boil.

Start with a warm compress on applied to the boil for 20 minutes three or four times daily. This will help fight the infection by bringing white blood cells to the site of the infection.

After soaking for period of time, maybe a few days, the boil will become more soft and “forms a head”. The “head” is a small pustule or area of pus located on the boil. The means it is ready to drain and will usually erupt and begin to drain without much coaxing. Picking, stabbing, and prodding a boil with sharp tools from around the house is not advised. Only medical professional, using a sterilized tool should lance a boil.

After the boil has naturally opened and drained itself, relief from the pressure should follow. The area where the boil once was may not appear more like wound or abrasion and should be kept clean.

Apply antibacterial ointment as directed until the area has cleared completely.

A normally healthy person with a boil should seek medical care if the following symptoms present:

  • Fever
  • Chills
  • Swollen lymph nodes
  • Increasingly red skin around the boil or red streaks appear
  • Unbearable pain
  • The boil will not drain

People with taking immune suppressing medications, like chemotherapy should see their doctor if a boil develops. Those with health conditions such as a heart murmur or diabetes for also seek professional medical attention for boils.


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