Etapas y síntomas de la úlcera de decúbito


Bed sores are commonly categorized in four stages, depending on their severity. Each stage can be identified by the following bed sore symptoms, and treated accordingly. Seek medical attention if you feel that you have bed sores in any of the stages below.

Stage 1 Bed Sore

In the first stage of bed sores, the skin is not broken, but may be reddened. Generally, the skin will not turn white when it is pressed at this point in bed sore development. The wound is superficial. It may be tender or painful to the touch, and feel warmer or cooler than the skin surrounding the affected area.

Stage 2 Bed Sore

The outer layer of skin is damaged and appears blistered, swollen and inflamed, when your bed sore has developed into stage two. Shallow, open sores appear at this point, and redness and pain worsens. Call a medical professional if open sores appear on your skin.

Stage 3 Bed Sore

The wound is more severe at this point, progressing into deeper layers of your skin tissue. The bed sore becomes crater-like and sunken in appearance. Skin is highly prone to infection at this bed sore stage, and steps need to be taken to treat your bed sores.

Stage 4 Bed Sore

The advanced, slow-healing bed sore has reached the fat, muscle and bone tissue and even tendons and joints. Blackened, dead tissue may be visible. Skin is highly prone to infection at stage four, and the bed sore can even become life-threatening. In some cases, amputation may be necessary.

If you believe you or someone you know is one of the bed sore stages listed above, do not hesitate to seek medical attention and see what can be done.


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