Cómo prevenir las úlceras de decúbito


Bed sores are more easily prevented than treated, and there are a number of ways that you can protect your body against them. We’ve listed a few of the best ways to prevent bed sores below, and summarized with our bed sore prevention checklist at the bottom.

Frequent Position Changes

Frequent position changes are necessary to prevent bed sores. When you spend the majority of the day in bed, it’s important to rotate your body often to make sure blood is flowing to all areas of your skin. Bony areas of the body are more prone to bed sores, and can be protected by providing extra cushioning.

Exercise Regularly

Regular exercise is recommended for bed sore prevention, but may not always be possible for those most susceptible to the condition. Movement increases blood flow, which is extremely important for skin health. If possible, get up and move around as often as you can. Those with limited mobility should consult a physical therapist for the appropriate regime. 

Keep Skin Clean and Dry

Skin should be kept clean and dry to help prevent bed sores, and should be inspected regularly. If you do not have the ability to thoroughly check certain areas of your body, a healthcare professional should assist in this routine process. Routine checks are very important to make sure that no sores will enter the first bed sore stage

Eat Well

Proper nutrition is important to prevent bed sores. A healthy diet and plenty of fluids will help minimize the risk of developing them. 

Bed Sore Prevention Checklist

  • Rotate your body regularly, particularly if you spend a lot of time sitting or lying down
  • Keep your skin clean and dry
  • Inspect skin regularly
  • Cushion bonier areas of the body
  • Exercise as much as you can
  • Drink lots of water and maintain a healthy diet

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