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What Causes Athlete's Foot?


As with many other infections of the skin, athlete's foot is triggered by the presence of fungus. There are two types of fungus that lead to athlete's foot.

  • Trichophyton mentagrophytes causes toe web & vesicular infections.
  • Trichophyton rubrum causes the moccasin-type infection.

Athlete’s foot is contagious. Even if no symptoms are present, the fungus of athlete’s foot can still spread. A person’s susceptibility to contracting athlete’s foot varies for unknown reasons. The fungi are picked up by your feet by walking around damp, common areas where many people walk or stand without shoes.

Fungi grows on the top layer of the skin and grows more abundantly in dark, moist areas. Wearing confining shoes naturally accumulates moisture and perpetuates the continued growth of fungus. Clean cotton socks and newer, fungus-free shoes minimizes the occurrence and length of athlete’s foot.


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