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Athlete’s foot is caused by fungus and a lack of airflow to the feet. Like all other fungus, athlete’s foot thrives in warm, moist areas, like the environment inside of shoes. It's usually contracted from public places where many people walk without shoes, for example a public pool or shower. The name, athlete’s foot comes from the notion that athletes are more prone to contracting this fungus as their feet are typically sweaty, and confined to sneakers. Their frequent use of public showers or locker rooms also put athletic types at an increased risk for athlete's foot; though it can happen to anyone, regardless of athletic prowess. There are three different type types of athlete’s foot: “Moccasin” type, “Toe Web”, and “Vesicular”. The symptoms are varied slightly between classifications, but one thing is almost always certain; all forms of athlete’s foot have symptoms of itchiness and burning.

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