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Acne Prevention


Acne is frustrating. Try your best to avoid acne breakouts by practicing healthy behaviors. Follow these tips for clear pores.

Keep the skin clean. Don’t touch your face with your hands and keep your hair away from your face. The more frequently you touch your face, the more opportunities there are for oils and bacteria to easily transfer into pores and get trapped.

Wash your face twice a day, and more if needed. Washing the face ensures oil and bacteria are wiped away regularly. You may need to wash your face throughout the day if it collects sweat. Sweat breeds bacteria. Humid weather, vigorous workouts, or working in a warm place like a kitchen makes the skin susceptible to breakouts. Keep face wash and a clean towel in your gym bag or carry disposable facial wipes with you. Always remove any makeup before bed.

Maintain healthy moisture balance. If the skin senses dryness, it will produce oil. Sometimes this oil may become imbalanced, but using moisturizer after cleansing will help maintain balance. ​We recommend a gentle natural-based moisturizer without heavy fragrances or chemicals.

Streamline the use of products. Avoid switching products frequently. When it is comes to your skincare routine maintain a consistent regime of gentle products. Too many chemicals may irritate the skin and cause acne eruptions.

Avoid unhealthy foods. It's a myth that junk food plays is responsible for causing acne. However, foods with added sugar and fats can accelerate the skin’s oil production, which may clog pores. Fill up on fruits and vegetables whenever possible to keep the skin nourished with vitamins.

Relieve your stress to subside acne. Some studies show a link between stress and increased acne. Regularly exercise is excellent way to elevate stress. Even 20 minutes of moderate exercise is beneficial for overall health and acne prevention.

Use acne fighting products regularly and as directed. Even if you are not currently ​ struggling with a breakout, using a gently over-the-conter treatment will help keep pores clear. To maintain healthy skin use products with gentle and effective salicylic acid. 



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